They Always Come Back

a horror short

When the dead start returning to life one woman discovers that even death is no barrier to true love. And it’s hard to know how to feel about that.

The perfect husband, the perfect house, the perfect life. She thought she had everything. She felt lucky. Blessed, even. Until her husband died suddenly and without warning. It seemed like the worst had happened…until he came back.

Author’s note: This is a zombie story with an emotional twist. It’s a love story.

“one hell of a trip…the story will stick with you.”

James Fry

Behind the Scenes

A little bit about how this book came to be.

We all think we know what we would do to survive, but emotions are a bitch. If you lost the love of your life and then he returned from the dead, anyone might find themselves conflicted.

I love to read (and watch) horror, but I often disagree with how the characters behave and the way things go. This is my own take on how a, non-scientific, zombie “apocalypse” might affect one person’s life.